Fordwich Town Council is composed of five members who serve for terms of four years. As in all parish councils, members can be elected, or, as is usually the case in Fordwich, co-opted by the Council to fill vacancies as they arise. Members qualify by being Fordwich residents at least 18 years of age.

The members choose the chairman or Town Mayor at the beginning of the Council's four year term. The Mayor may serve for a full four years, or for a part of the term. Councillors sometimes agree to rotate the chairmanship annually.

The Clerk is appointed by the Council, and paid by the Council out of its precept. The Clerk's duties include preparing the agenda, taking notes at meetings, writing the minutes, and dealing with correspondence. The Clerk also acts as the Mace-bearer on formal occasions.

Fordwich Town Council sets and administers an annual budget. In common with parish councils throughout England, its income is derived from the precept. This is an amount it requests to be added to Council Tax, which is divided between the Council Tax bills submitted to Fordwich residents.

Council Meetings

Council Meetings take place monthly, usually on the last Wednesday of the month. The exceptions are in May, when there are two Council Meetings and the Annual Town Meeting, and in August, when there is no meeting.

The Agenda for the forthcoming meeting is posted in the Town Noticeboard, outside the Town Hall and on this website.
Fordwich residents are encouraged to attend meetings of the Council, at which they have the opportunity to put forward their views and to ask questions.

In addition to residents, representatives of Kent County Council and Canterbury City Council and the Police may attend Fordwich Town Council Meetings by invitation.