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Filming in Fordwich 23rd April

Filming in Fordwich   23rd April 2021

For several weeks the Town Council have been aware of possible involvement with an Advertising company, but were strictly told not to disclose anything. More recently, when it was known that the UK Power were closing the road the concept of filming on site was raised. The information given to me was to forewarn people living on Kings Street and around the market square that there would be groups of people wandering around, filming during the day. An email was sent to as wide a group of people as possible – limited by the email addresses held – advising people of what to expect, with the request that neighbours were informed.

The filming crew have been in touch to say how very pleased they have been with the day’s shoot. I certainly have had several very positive, supportive conversations with residents as they discovered just exactly what was going on.

I know too, that others have been both frustrated, delayed and inconvenienced by the apparent necessity to complete a particular shoot before letting people through, even when children required picking up from school, or there were other urgent reasons for getting along the road. I can only apologise and hope that the longer-term enjoyment of what the filming was about will prove a better experience for all.

There will be more details in the Fordwich Town News next week, but essentially towards the end of May, Fordwich will be encouraged to become Fordswitch, as a well-known (and not too difficult to work out) car manufacturer promotes their latest E car here in Fordwich, with plenty of opportunities to both look at, and drive one, for oneself. It promises to be a great opportunity to get outside and do something different, along with other members of our community.

Philip Lewis

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