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FTC AGAR 20-21

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Financial Information 2019/20

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Annual return 2019-20

exemption cert 2019-20


Financial Information 2018/19

FTC accounts publication 2018-19

Payments over £100 for 2018-19

Financial Information 2017/18

FTC Financial Info 2017-18

External audit report 2017-18

FTC audit closure 2017-18


2021 Minutes and Agendas

FTC Agenda 24 Nov 2021

FTC minutes Oct 27th 2021

FTC Agenda 27 Oct 2021

FTC Agenda 29 Sept 2021

FTC minutes Sept 29th 2021

FTC minutes July 28th 2021

FTC minutes June 30th 2021

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FTC Agenda 31 March 2021

FTC minutes Feb 24th 2021

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FTC Agenda Jan 27 2021

FTC minutes Jan 13th 2021

FTC Agenda Jan 13 2021


2020 Minutes/Agendas

Town Council Meeting Held on Wednesday 25th March 2020

The Council could not meet in formal session and therefore could make no formal decisions. We did however agree to make the necessary payments of standard accounts. We also agreed in principle on the one piece of planning before us for 35 Fordwich Road.  We have been delighted that over 35 different people have volunteered to give help in various ways, and slowly requests for help are coming in. Some have offered to help with home schooling as teachers, others to walk dogs, chat on the phone etc. etc. There are also at least two Whatsapp groups in local areas being established and used. The website has plenty of information too. The Neighbourhood Watch have circulated lots of helpful information, and reports. ‘My Canterbury’ has a good list of open shops and their special arrangements. Sturry surgery have been in touch wanting to know who to contact for vulnerable people needing support in Fordwich. They now have Chris’s contact details.

We held a successful town tidy up on Saturday 21st March, with constant social distancing – clearing the roads in the main part of the town of litter, and making a good deal of headway by burning, detritus from the churchyard on the Fishermen’s bonfire site.

FTC Agenda Jan 13 2021

FTC minutes Nov 25th 2020

FTC minutes Oct 28th 2020

FTC Agenda Nov 2020

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Fordwich annual meeting aqenda 2020

FTC Agenda May 2020

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FTC minutes Jan 29th 2020

FTC Agenda Jan 2020


2019 Minutes/Agendas

FTC minutes Dec 4th 2019

FTC minutes Oct 30th 2019

FTC Agenda Nov 2019

FTC Agenda Oct 2019

FTC minutes Sept 25th 2019

FTC Agenda Sept 2019 (1)

There are no meetings in August


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