By custom, the Town Mayor of Fordwich also serves as Mayor Deputy to the Mayor of Sandwich. Each office has its own chain.

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Chain and badge of Fordwich Town Mayor

The chain and badge of the Town Mayor are of relatively recent origin, having been commissioned after the restoration of Fordwich Town Council.

The badge bears the legends "Town Mayor Fordwich Town Council" and "S Maioris Fordwico" (the seal of the mayor of Fordwich) set about a badge engraved with a lion and a trout on a dish. It is worn on a silver chain, engraved with the names of past Mayors.

Fordwich Town Mayor deputy chain

The chain of the Mayor Deputy dates from 1926, when it was presented by J.A. Willmore of Tancrey, then chairman of Fordwich United Charities. It is a fine piece of work, with a central enamelled badge of the seal of the baron Fordwich in blue and white, the principal feature being a ship. On either side are two trout, and above the arms of the Cinque Ports.

The chain, with names of predecessors, is worn by the Mayor Deputy on Cinque Ports occasions. It is worn together with the Mayoral chain only at the Civic Service.

Fordwich Town mayoral Robe

The Fordwich Mayoral robe is plain black, following the example of Sandwich, where black has been worn since 1457 in memory of the Mayor, John Drury, who was killed when French raiders sacked the town.

Fordwich possesses a fine silver-gilt mace, given by Admiral Graydon of Hermesland in the early 18th century, which is carried in procession at the Civic Service